Only One

Before I commence to some cool MediaBytes, I have a question. Let us say that you only get one food for Christmas. ONE. For example, not turkey and mashed potatoes – you get to choose only one. To be nice, I’ll let you include the gravy for free.

My choice? I would need my great-aunt’s weird whipped cream cranberry and pecan salad thingie. I could eat pizza for Christmas dinner and be okay with it as long as I have this weird concoction to follow it. It simply would not be Christmas otherwise.

Okay, on to MediaBytes….

Micaela of KillerStartups writes in Where Can You Find that Mango Salsa?:

FoodieBytes helps you to avoid the aggravation of arriving a restaurant and realizing there’s nothing on the menu you want to order. It also helps you determine how far these dining establishments are from you, and what else they have to offer.

Over at GeekSugar, FoodieBytes was a Website of the Day feature on Dec. 7th:

Foodie Bytes is not only great because it tells you where to get your garlic-fries fix, but it also shows you restaurant options for gluten-free food if you have celiac disease or where to go if you follow a strict vegan diet.

John del Signore of Gothamist writes in New Website Ensures You Never Crave in Vain:

Intertube-savvy metropolitan diners now have yet another way to make sure their every culinary craving is sated: the new website FoodieBytes, now beta testing, lets users search restaurant menus based on the food they desire.


Of course, the oh-so-mature bloggers at Eater SF immediately searched for restaurants serving “human” and “crap”, which – no surprise here – turned up results in San Francisco. Oh, California. Discerning cannibals and coprophagists in New York won’t find any local restaurants to satisfy their cravings through FoodieBytes, but Roebling Tea Room does serve a tea “scented with rose penis”. Ha. Okay, so we’re as puerile as San Francisco.


4 responses to “Only One

  1. Pierogies. Although, we eat those on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day, but the Christmas Day menu is much more variable.

    (And I’m including the butter and sauteed onions the ‘rogies are cooked in as my free “gravy.”)

  2. mmmmm stephanie you are a girl after my own heart!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. donuts & coffee while opening presents

  4. Lasagna, which is our Christmas Eve tradition. Other than that it would have to be my cranberry salad for Christmas Day (but we eat that on Christmas Eve also).