Putting my money where my mouth is.

That’s not much money for such a big mouth.

As soon as I found out that BlogHer 08 would be held at the Westin St. Franis in Union Square in SF, I knew I had to go. As soon as I registered, I began contemplating where I was going to eat. Because, hello! Eating first, blogging second. A girl’s gotta have her standards.

I fly in on Thursday evening and leave Sunday afternoon. With the conference committments and a few social ones, it seems I have three meals in which I can choose where to eat:

Dinner, Thursday.

Dinner, Saturday.

Lunch, Sunday.

I have narrowed the following options:

Dinner on Thursday will be at Pot Sticker (the Waverly location). I have not tried Pot Sticker before, but I love spicy cold noodles. I did a search on FoodieBytes and found this location. Since I will be traveling with my daughter and I wanted to curl up in the hotel for the evening to let her get used to the place. Also, we arrive somewhat late-ish, so I needed to pick a place that does delivery.

Dinner on Saturday will be at Shalimar (Jones St. location), one of my very favorite Indian spots. The haleem is to die for and the nihari is to kill for. Talk about perfect harmony, no? I am attempting to get together a big group. Unfortunately, the location on Jones is fairly small, but I thought it would be fun to massive amounts of takeout and have a carpet picnic at the hotel.

Lunch on Sunday is still undecided. The last time in SF, we ate at a sweet little pastry place on Columbus St that I am tempted to try and scout again. In the meantime, I will use FoodieBytes to find some options and potentially, may just meander my way through the streets of SF letting my nose guide the way.

Or maybe not.


2 responses to “Putting my money where my mouth is.

  1. Shalimar is very good, not the cleanest place I have been to, but hey it is all of part of the re-creating the expreince in India/Pakistan. No credit cards either, so be ready with some cash.

  2. Looking forward to your pictures!!